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Link to "The Rich and The Ruthless" Project that Brenda is involved in has been added to the Home Page. Just scroll down to view the link to donate to the project and the trailer!!!

Listen to Brenda's Interview with Mother Love at Mother Love's Interview

Listen to Brenda's Interview with Kevin Sorbo at Kevin Sorbo's Interview

Brenda is hosting the Cantinas Music Festival on August 24, 2013

There will be a Brenda Trivia Contest soon where you can win a live chat with Brenda! More contests coming soon from the fansite and FansOfBrendaE twitter account for chances to win an auto.
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Brenda's Charities:
   Child Hunger
   The A 21 Campaign
   International Justice Mission
   Cedars Foundation
   Clothing Kids/Shoes 4 Kidss
   American Red Cross

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The Rich And The Ruthless! If you would like to see Victoria Rowell and Brenda Epperson together again, you can donate by Clicking Here